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Selamat datang para blogger di situs cerita yang ( mungkin ) pertama di tanah air. Blog ini kami buat untuk berbagi cerita ( fiktif ) kepada teman-teman blogger, baik dongeng, cerpen maupun puisi.
Kedepannya ( mudah2an gak lama lagi ), kami akan memuat sumbangan tulisan cerita ( dongeng, cerpen maupun puisi ) dari para blogger yang budiman dan budiwati. Tapi mohon isi ceritanya jangan menyinggung SARA, pornograpi, pornoaksi, dan hal-hal gak enak lainnya.
Sumbangan cerita yang masuk akan kami muat bulat-bulat apa adanya, tapi kami tak bertanggung-jawab akan isinya.

Akhir kata, selaku CEO ( Chief E-cerita Officer ),  saya ucapkan banyak terimakasih sebelumya atas waktu yg para blogger luangkan untuk mampir ke situs kami ini.
Kami bukan yang pertama, tapi mudah-mudahan akan menjadi yang terbaik…


Bogor, Agustus  2009
Dan Rasyid
CEO E-Cerita

Horse race bettings

There are numerous types of horse racing bettings which are included in the horse races. Horse race is a very popular sport nowadays.  The entire sport is full of thrill and excitement. You can select a team of your favorite horses and bet on them. Most of the people that visit the horse race fields enjoy the entire race to the fullest, by celebrating, cheering and drinking their horses.

For a beginner, this information would prove to be very useful for you. Various types of the horse racing bettings are mentioned below. Continue Reading »

Make Money with Twitter

You should try tweeting on Tweeter, if you have to learn how to make money.

Eventhough messaging services are now commonplace, Twitter has developed into a world-wide phenomenon. Let’s share about make money and turn it into a marketing tool more effective than any before.

Twitter can be use to give you visitors. Even if you have only a blog that you want to promote, you must learn how to use Twitter to promote it.

A Tweet is not a web page, and it is not listed on a search engine. People that will come across those short messages you send are  ‘following’ you.

Many newbies to Twitter make their tweets and they go nowhere because they don’t have any followers.

You can use Twitter that way too, web pages and advertise products. If you refuse followers, you  will make nothing. There are ways to achieve that, and also ways to choose the Tweeters that you  want to follow.

If you do it right, one or both of two things can happen:

1.    You can use Tweeter make a lot of money. Even if you have no desire to make friends.

2.    You can make a lot of friends. Even if you have no desire to use Tweeter to make money.

3.    They need a service or have a problem to be solved, and you can provide either or both.

Of course by tweets! But you have to get them following you, and while you   know how to register with Tweeter and make your tweets, who is reading    them?  That is just one simple way of advertising yourself totally free of charge.

You will be able to put everything you learn into practice and will be able to make money and promote your site. Solve that problem and you will be made. Think of all the social networking sites out there on which you can make your tweets visible.


Lake Toba is the most famous lake in Indonesia. It is 100 km long and 30 km wide, thus many people agree that Lake Toba is the biggest lake in the world. An island in the middle of the lake is Samosir Island at an altitude of 1.000 meters. You may either swim on the lake or rent a boat to hang around the lake. Continue Reading »

Using the right hair care products ensures that your hair stays healthy, full of life, vibrant, and silky. A beautiful and healthy mane is a wonderful asset. Whatever your hair length –  short, long, straight or curly, a crowning glory enhances a woman’s personality and adds to her appeal. For most people, it is extremely important to take good care of their hair. The best way to achieve this is by using a good hair product. By the leading market experts, they do so by pampering their hair using the best hair care products created. It’s time for you to learn the basics about taking care of your hair so that they become your crowning glory.

Find Your Hair Type

The kind of hair care product you should be using is determine by the type of hair you have. There are many types of hair including dry, fine, thick, dull, curly, oily, frizzy, wavy, etc. It becomes simpler for you to find the right hair care products by start identifying your hair type. Also, if you are confused about your hair type, simply ask a hair care expert what type of hair you have. Try to avoid buying products that have too much of chemicals as these can damage your hair permanently.

Choosing Tools For Your Hair Type

Hair brush, hair care products like sprays, gels, etc are all responsible for the beauty and health of your hair . You can experiment and finally, discover hair product that is best for your hair, these styling products come in so many different varieties that you may naturally want to try as many as possible.  Always buy a hair product that doesn’t steal it of its shine and vitality and is ‘perfect’ for your hair type.

You can also check out product reviews for hair care products before buying them. The best way to find a good hair product is to do extensive research.

About Skiing

 Before embarking on a vacation, some information on the preparation and planning can be of real help.  So, if you want to go on a ski vacation, and you don’t know anything about that, plan a ski vacation right away. Literally, you will be skiing down some snow mountain after an hour or so of the lessons. All the knowledge you need is right there waiting for you at the ski resort. Before you arrival at the destination, it would be a good idea to schedule the activity. By showing the students how to manoeuvre around with the skates, the ski instructors start teaching. Your body will be slightly inclined forward, when you ski down a mountain. The very first time, trying walking with ski boots on, could be a bit difficult. But, it will come naturally to you.

The manoeuvre is called the snow plow, first taught to anyone. A person literally uses his skis as a snow plough, in this technique. Depending on the direction he wants to go, the skiing person can guide himself by bending his knees and leaning in one direction or the other. Even if the beginner has never been in a pair of ski boots before in his life, the techniques of skiing can be taught in an hour. By resorting to the snow ploughing method, one can control one’s speed; but go slow in the beginning.

Push the skis back into the plow position to control the speed, as you pick up speed and move reasonably fast. The beginners should make it a point to stick to the trails designed especially for novices. The blue coloured trails are meant for intermediate skiers. One will be able to go for those trails, within a day of skiing through the beginner trails. The black trails, can turn out to be dangerous for people who do not possess the skill levels to manoeuvre those trails, meant for expert skiers. Unless you have amassed a great deal of skiing experience, it is prudent to avoid the black trails. So, go ahead and enjoy the    experience of a lifetime.

Tom dan Jery


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