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Selamat datang para blogger di situs cerita yang ( mungkin ) pertama di tanah air. Blog ini kami buat untuk berbagi cerita ( fiktif ) kepada teman-teman blogger, baik dongeng, cerpen maupun puisi.
Kedepannya ( mudah2an gak lama lagi ), kami akan memuat sumbangan tulisan cerita ( dongeng, cerpen maupun puisi ) dari para blogger yang budiman dan budiwati. Tapi mohon isi ceritanya jangan menyinggung SARA, pornograpi, pornoaksi, dan hal-hal gak enak lainnya.
Sumbangan cerita yang masuk akan kami muat bulat-bulat apa adanya, tapi kami tak bertanggung-jawab akan isinya.

Akhir kata, selaku CEO ( Chief E-cerita Officer ),  saya ucapkan banyak terimakasih sebelumya atas waktu yg para blogger luangkan untuk mampir ke situs kami ini.
Kami bukan yang pertama, tapi mudah-mudahan akan menjadi yang terbaik…


Bogor, Agustus  2009
Dan Rasyid
CEO E-Cerita

Malin Kundang

One day at a time, there lived a family in the coastal region Sumatra. The family has a son named Malin Kundang. Because of their very poor family conditions, then the father master decided to go to a foreign country. Large master and his mother hopes that someday his father came home with bring lots of money which will be for purchase purposes daily.

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Sleeping Princess

Long ago, there was a pair of Kings and Queens of the happy, because after for years, finally gave birth to a daughter of the Queen. King and Queen invited the seven fairies to come and bless Princess the newly born.

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Si Kancil and Snails

One day the deer seem sleepy. Her eyes felt heavy once to open. Aaa …. rrrrgh, the deer appears occasionally yawning.  Because the day is bright enough, the deer feel loss if squandered. He began to walk through forest to dispel the sleepiness. Up on top of a hill, the Kancil shouted with pride, O forest dwellers, I’m the most intelligent animals, clever and smart in this forest. Nothing can match the intelligence and my intelligence. As he puffed out his chest, the Kancil started walking down the hill.

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Gold Cucumber

In a village there lived an old widow named mbok Sarni. Each day he spends his time alone, because it does not have mbok Sarni a child. Actually he wanted to have children, in order to helped her work. On one afternoon to go mbok Sarni woods to get wood, and Sarni mbok road amid giant met with massive potential. Hey, you want where you are?, Asked the Giant. I only want to collect firewood, so allow me through, said mbok Sarni.

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Hiruk pikuk pergantian tahun baru usai sudah
Sekarang, apa ?
Akankah 2010 yang penuh misteri akan kuisi persis tahun-tahun yang sudah-sudah?
Hanya sibuk berkutat dengan masalah sendiri sambil sesekali memandang kasihan kepada masalah orang lain
Tanpa keinginan untuk menolong
Haruskan aku berubah seratus delapan puluh derajat?
Lima puluh prosen daya-dana-waktu-pikiran untuk diri sendiri
Sisanya untuk masalah orang lain?
Tapi, kalau aku kelelahan, siapa yang akan menghiburku?
Kala aku terjengkang dihajar masalah, siapa yang akan menggendongku?
Kala badanku terbungkuk menahan beban kehidupan, siapa yang akan membopongku?

Dan beribu pertanyaan lainnya diawal tahun baru…
Yang datang menyergap-menyelinap masuk susul menyusul di kepala

Alangkah sulitnya memulai sesuatu yang baru

Semoga Tuhan mendengar dan memberiku kekuatan

Dan Rasyid
Tomang, 04-01-2010

Ghost Island

There were two heroes who always wanted to show himself more candidate from another. On one day, they met in the waters next to south of Singapore. Without ba or not, they directly attacked each other. They fought long once until their bodies drenched in blood. Because equally strong, no signs of who will lose.

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In a village there lived a girl who naively. Shelma named. She loved playing on the edge of the forest. Her mother always reminded him that not too far into the forest. The villagers believe, people who too far into the forest, will never return. The interior of the forest was shrouded in thick fog. Nobody can find their way home if it is lost.

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